I thought I’d start this page to make it easier to see what I’ve been up to if you check back here regularly.

Coming Soon

I have two ideas going around in head which need writing up:

  • “Winifred’s Bad Boys” – the story of my Gran’s uncles Gerald Charles O’Callaghan and Gordon Harcourt O’Callaghan – billiard hall proprietors!
  • More about NZ militias – namely the East Coast Hussars (my gg-grandfather Robert Johnston) and the Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry (my gg-grandfather Jasper Pyne O’Callaghan and his brother Thomas).

But I keep getting distracted!  So we’ll see how long it takes me to finish my research and get them up!

Latest Updates

28 December 2017 – Upping Sticks: The Baker Family

Came across a picture of Lyttleton in 1851 so added that a few updates and links.

20 April 2017 – New PostOh! The Bastard

Found a document which shows my 4xgt-grandfather James Goodman King in a very bad light, but gives a needed hint into his parentage.

22 February 2017 – New PostEast Coast Hussars

Finally got around to adding the story I wrote last year for the Genealogix on Robert Johnston and the East Coast Hussars.  There are links to the newspaper articles to come.

22 February 2017 – Black Beattie & Co at the Criterion

The Lyttelton Times has been digitised for the 1880s so have found the missing letter about the stoush over the Black Beattie sign.

10 February 2016 – New PostMy Pride and Prejudice Moment

What happened when one of my 3x gt-grandmother Rachel Greacen’s sisters is “seduced”!

4 January 2016 – New PostThe Faces of War

A summary of the war services of my Gran’s 5 maternal uncles – proving that not everyone served in WWI.

4 January 2016 – A 19th Century Scandal: Bigamy?

My cousins in Melbourne have found new correspondence from Tasmania which sheds a very new and interesting light on this scandal!  So I’ve updated the post with those details.

27 Nov 2015 – New PostUpping Sticks: What happened to the Black children?

Following on from their trip to New Zealand and the lives of their parents, we have the children of Robert and Rachel Black.

19 Nov 2015 – New PostCan Alien Ladies Vote?

Got distracted by the realisation that my gg-grandmother Emily Kinley Wilson was an alien.  And it led me to the 1893 New Zealand election.

31 Jul 2015 – The Nicholls Family Bible

Having laid eyes on the Bible for the first time in over 30 years, I’ve added some information on where it came from.

25 Apr 2015 – Jasper Pyne O’Callaghan – Spanish Grandee

A trip to my Uncle’s has proved very profitable!!  Found some photos of Jasper, his wife and some of his children!!  Yay!

27 Jan 2015 – New PostSix Degrees of Separation

Another wander off somewhere – detailing some of the times my paternal and maternal branches have come into proximity to each other here in New Zealand but didn’t “hook up”.

18 Jan 2015 – New PostBlack Beattie & Co at the Criterion

The history of my gg-grandfather Robert William Black’s business partnership with Robert Beattie and their shop – the Criterion.

13 Oct 2014 – New PostJasper Pyne O’Callaghan – Spanish Grandee

Finally!  My gg-grandfather Jasper Pyne O’Callaghan who apparently looked like a Spanish Grandee.  With help from some notes from my Gran and GR MacDonald.

12 Jul 2014 – The Hunt for Richard Black

Richard’s father’s will has provided a middle name and a whole new avenue of research – that doesn’t involve the US!

12 Jul 2014 – The Old Lady in the Garden

Have found Robert Black’s will and it hasn’t really helped much.

31 Jan 2014 – Upping Sticks: The Baker Family

Added in Charles Baker’s death notice confirming his birth year.

9 Jan 2014 – The Elusive John Hewitt

Have confirmed that John was a pawnbroker in Soho.

31 Dec 2013 – Hewitt Family Photos

Added a photo of Louisa Whitmore Mrs Stanley Hughes Hewitt.

23 Dec 2013 – New PostBeing Led a Merry Chase

The search for Mrs Philis Buxton (nee Kemp) of Norfolk.  One year she’s there, the next she’s gone.  Or has she…?

19 Dec 2013 – The American Connection

I’ve added a scan and pdf transcript of the October 2013 NZ Genealogist article about Emily’s Bible which I have in my possession.

2 Dec 2013 – A 19th Century Scandal: D.I.V.O.R.C.E

Added the photo of Fanny Keeling and her second husband Dr Ebbs in Wanganui in 1872 (previously just a link).

6 Nov 2013 – Myths & Legends: Viscounts Lifford

I’ve received the genealogical papers in the Hewitt Papers held at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.  It shows more branches of the Hewitt family, but not ours.

26 Oct 2013 – The American Connection

My FMP subscription has yielded amazing results.  Just discovered the William E Wilson died in Ireland, not in the US as always thought.  His family returned via Glasgow in March 1859, days before he died.

25 Oct 2013 – New PostUpping Sticks: The Black family on the Fiery Star and re-edit of Upping Sticks – Black family

Having found lots of new information on both the voyage of the Fiery Star and the Black family, I’ve split the original post into two so it’s not so long winded!

23 Oct 2013 – Death in Print

New items added regarding the deaths of Rachel C Greacen and Thomas Robert O’Callaghan.

15 Oct 2013 – New PostMyths & Legends: Viscounts Lifford

Debunking the Hewitt family’s favourite myth.

11 Oct 2013 – Hewitt Family Photos

Remembered that Arthur Turner Hewitt is supposed to have inherited some portraits of the family so have added that in the hope one of his descendents might turn up and know about them?!!