The Faces of War

There has been quite a lot of press in the last two years about World War I (WWI) due to the centenary of events that occurred.  One recurring theme seems to be that everyone (male) went to war and most of them died or were tragically injured either mentally or physically. That's not quite true. …

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Six Degrees of Separation

The theory of Six Degrees of Separation was first set out by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929.  Here in New Zealand there is a joke that there are no more than two degrees of separation.  Sometimes it's true.  Other times you get back to 6.  This post is about how my paternal and maternal branches have …

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Upping Sticks: The O’Callaghan siblings

Updated: 25 March 2013 I've already noted in a previous post the number of Arthur Pyne's grandchildren who immigrated to New Zealand.  This post is about my specific branch of his grandchildren - the O'Callaghan's.  See the Arthur Pyne grandchildren post for any photos I currently have. The Pyne's and O'Callaghan's are not your normal …

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