Six Degrees of Separation

The theory of Six Degrees of Separation was first set out by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929.  Here in New Zealand there is a joke that there are no more than two degrees of separation.  Sometimes it’s true.  Other times you get back to 6.  This post is about how my paternal and maternal branches have overlapped at times, but didn’t hook up until my parents.  It’s one that may expand over time!

[And if this doesn’t interest you, you can click over to the Oracle of Bacon which calculates the degrees of separation of anyone on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) from actor Kevin Bacon.]


Akaroa is a lovely town on the Banks Peninsula, 75 km from Christchurch.  It’s noted for its French influence due to it being New Zealand’s only French settlement.  But my connections here are more English/Irish!

From around 1877 when she arrived in New Zealand with her husband’s brother Alfred, until 1907 when she and Alfred retired to Christchurch, my paternal gg-grandmother Rose Anne Maria Mrs James E Nicholls lived in Akaroa.  It’s where my g-grandfather Alfred James Nicholls grew up (and won school prizes – see the Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser on Papers Past for details!).  Alfred snr was Headmaster at Akaroa School during this time.

It was also the home to my maternal gg-grandfather Robert William Black’s brother Greacen Joseph Black (1850-1932) for a number of years before he sold up and moved to Gisborne.  Amongst other things, he is likely to have run into Rose, Alfred and family at his store – Criterion House where following family tradition he sold drapery.  His entry in the 1903 Cyclopedia of New Zealand gives you some idea of his activities.

Alfred snr and Greacen were also members of the Akaroa Mutual Improvement Association.  It seems to be a variation on Toastmasters where they practised public speaking!  There is also a Richard Black who attended these meeting – likely to be Greacen and Robert William’s since lost brother.

They both were pillars of the community being also members of:

  • the Akaroa Regatta Committee in 1877
  • the Presbyterian Church
  • won prizes at the Horticultural and Industrial Exhibition in 1878

And Greacen’s oldest son Robert won a prize in the infants class of the school in 1887, awarded by Headmaster Alfred.

Kilmore Street, Christchurch

My maternal 3x g-grandfather Robert Black built a house at what now is about 214 Kilmore Street, not far from the intersection with Barbados Street.  This is the house referred to in the 1949 book Old Christchurch in Picture and Story by Johannes C. Andersen (which lead to my The Old Lady in the Garden post).

Amongst my Grandad’s papers there are copies of the title deeds for this block of land.   It originally started out as blocks 511 and 513 on Kilmore Street and blocks 512 and 514 on Chester Street.  After Robert’s death, it was inherited by his son and my gg-grandfather Robert William Black.

Robert William sold part off in 1895 to Arthur Chigley and the rest in 1896 to Cornelius Cliff.  Deeds show that in 1899 Arthur Chigley owned all of blocks 511 and 513 and a smidgen of 512.  In 1905, Chigley sells an L-shaped part of 511, all of 513 and smidgens of 512 and 514 to James Haswell Wood (snr).

And this is where the connection comes in – James’ son James Haswell Wood (jnr) married May O’Callaghan in 1917.  May was the daughter of my paternal gg-grandparents Jasper Pyne O’Callaghan (the Spanish Grandee) and Winifred Alice Baker and sister of my g-grandmother Greta.

The land in Kilmore Street passed from James H Wood snr to his two spinster daughters Kate Selina Wood and Elsie Haswell Wood who passed away in 1961 and 1969 respectively.  It then passed to Beryl Haswell Wood (1913-2002) until it was taken by the council under the Public Works Amendment Act 1948.

Grandad wrote that the house his g-grandfather built there was still standing in 1981 when he visited:

In 1981 this house (renumbered 214 Kilmore St) still existed and the writer has been in it.

It is a single storey timber framed weatherboard house with a slate roof. As there is no slate in NZ, the slate would have been imported from Britain. [Deleted: With increasing availability of other materials, this practice had ceased before the end of the century, so slate roofed houses are now rare.] There is a roofed verandah across the whole front with cast iron filigree ornamentation between the posts.

It is quite a large house, about 200m2, but the interior shows signs of considerable past alterations, so how it was laid out originally remains doubtful. In 1970 the property was compulsorily acquired by the Ministry of Works, apparently with eventual intent to erect a public building on the site. Meanwhile it remains in use as a tenanted dwelling, but it is very dilapidated and really fit only for its prospective demolition.

Nearly, but not quite

In my post Death in Print there is an item on the Black Beattie & Co Accident which took place in my maternal gg-grandfather’s shop in High Street, Christchurch.  The unfortunately victim of this accident was Margaret Pyne.  My paternal gg-grandfather Jasper Pyne O’Callaghan’s mother was Sarah Pyne of Ballyvolane, Ireland.  However, it would appear that Mrs Pyne’s husband Henry was from England.  While the Irish Pyne’s are likely related to the English ones, the connection is currently unknown.

Near neighbours

This is the one that got me thinking about this post first.  But it’s also the one I have no evidence for.

Te Kuiti is the “shearing capital of the world” located in the King Country, part of the Waikato region.  About 18kms away is Waitomo, famous for its glow-worm caves and caves in general.

In the 1910s, Te Kuiti was home to my paternal grandfather Walter and his first family – he lived there when he commenced his WWI service.  Up the road in Waitomo, my maternal Grandad was a small child growing up on a farm his father Harold was hacking out of the bush.  Did they ever cross paths?  Who knows?

Te Kuiti is the seat for the Waitomo District Council.  And Walter was a mechanic so he may have fixed something of Harold’s.  Unfortunately, there is no one left to ask.

But fortunately, my grandfathers went on to have my parents who did meet.


The Nicholls Family Bible

One thing that got me going on my family tree was the discovery of my Gran’s family’s bible after she died.  It listed the family of John Nicholls and his wife Elizabeth Ludwell.  It contains one of my family’s great scandals.

The Bible was presented to Mary from her dear friend Rachel Brockway in 1858.

Dedication by Rachel Brockway

Checking the census, I have discovered that Mary Nicholls was the housekeeper to Rachel (1802-1860) and her husband Alexander Brockway (1790-1864). Alexander was the Assistant Secretary of the Peace Society for 25 years and very involved with the peace movement of the mid-19th century.

So who was Mary?  I didn’t figure it out until the census!  John and Elizabeth Nicholls had no children named Mary.  Turns out, she was John’s elder sister.  Mary disappears from the records after the 1861 census – her name is too common to find, but I believe she may have died before the 1871 census.  Since the Bible came to her nephew Alfred who went to Australia in around 1862, she possibly died in 1861-2.  She may have given the Bible to Alfred who got his father to complete the family page before he left?

Here are some thumbnails of copies of it.  Click on the page to see it full size.  Please note that the scans are from photocopies, not the original.

To enable the information in it to be found by search engines, here is a transcription of what it contains.  Notes in italics are additional information that I have subsequently found.

* * *

John Nicholls, Son of John and Mary Nicholls was Born in the Parish of Hatfield, Hartfordshire, November 10th, 1802.

Died at Blackheath, Kent 26 Dec. 1890 aged 88

[According to the Protestant Dissenters’ Registry entry for John Jnr, his parents were John Nicholls and Mary Forgg/Torgg]

Elizabeth Ludwell.  Born in the Parish of Walcot, Bath.  August 5th, 1803.  Died 5, Feb, 1873 Aged 70

The above were Married at Trinity Church, Newington Butts, November 29th 1828.

[The church was last seen on a TV programme about the square it’s built on – it had been converted into a recording studio]

following are the Children of the Above

Elizabeth.  Born in the Parish of Widcomb, Bath September 20 1829 Died Septr 1872 [Southwark, London, England]

A Son.  Born in Widcomb Feby 22nd 1831.  Died next day.

Mary Ann.  Born in the Parish of Bermondsey June 12th 1832.  Died Augt 6th, 1853.

Charlotte.  Born in the Parish of Bermondsey July 30th 1834.  Died Augt 16 1835.

John.  Born in the Parish of Lambeth November 20 1835.  Died 1866 July 27th.

Thomas.  Born in the Parish of Bermondsey Augt 14 1837.

Charlotte.   Born in the Parish of Bermondsey May 29th 1839.
[Married Paul Burrell in 1858.]

Alfred.  Born in the Parish of Bermondsey April 28th 1841.  Died July 25th, 1917  [Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand]

Jane.  Born in the Parish of Bermondsey April 12th, 1843.  Died December 25, 1854.

Decima.  Born in the Parish of Bermondsey January 28th, 1848.  Died 16 Feb 1873.  [She married in the Sep qtr 1869 in Newington, London, England to William Edward Dalling and had a daughter Una (1870-1920) before her premature death].

James [Ebenezer] Born in the Parish of Bermondsey February 17th 1850.  [Died on 28 Feb 1924 at 54 Gardner St, Richmond, Victoria, Australia. He married Rose Anne Maria Buxton on 07 Jun 1869 in Parish Church, Parish of Woolwich, Kent, England – my gg-grandparents]

J Nicholls

 * * *

  1. John R[obert] Nicholls born 9 May 1871 [Blackheath, Kent, England].  Died 10 Dec 1917 aged 44 [St Brewer’s Hospital, Whatauporka, Gisborne, New Zealand] married Katie [Catherine Jane] Wratt at Dannevirke
  2. Louisa E[lizabeth] Nicholls born 27 April 1873 [3 Sunfield Cottages, Greenwich East, London, England]. [Died 18 Apr 1930 in Christchurch, New Zealand] married George Anderson Smith at Christchurch [on 28 Feb 1898]
  3. Alfred Jas [James] Nicholls born 6 Septr 1874 [Greenwich, London, England].  [Died on 18 Dec 1949 in Wellington, New Zealand] married Greta Marion O’Callaghan at Chch 1.2.1901 [St Albans, Christchurch, New Zealand]
  4. Ethel Nicholls born 12 Nov. 1877.  [Died in 1948] married Frank Leslie 4 March 1909.
  5. Dora Nicholls born 17 Nov 1879.  [Died 12 Jan 1961. She married M John Jack Henderson]
  6. Harold Nicholls born 12 Feb 1882 [Akaroa, New Zealand].  Died 28 Aug 1903 [Akaroa, New Zealand from injuries sustained in the Boer War].
  7. Gareth Nicholls born 24 July 1883.  Died 17 Dec 1884.
  8. Aldyth Nicholls born 21 Aug 1885.  [Died 10 May 1934] married Stanley Higgins 18 March 1909.
  9. Son Nicholls born Nov 7 1887. died next day

1. John married Katie Wratt at Dannevirke Tues 20 April 1897

At Dannevirke His first child George Alfred born 7 Feb 1898 [later a director of Air NZ]

At Dannevirke 2nd  Leonard Buxton — 9 Sept 1899

At Dannevirke 3rd Arthur Medhurst — 20th Aug 1902

— (ie ditto)   4th  Doris Isabel — 10 Sept 1903

At Gisborne Harold born —–

2. Louisa married George Anderson Smith at St Michael and All Angels, Christchurch 28 Feb 1898

At Westport, Fitzroy Montague Smith born 6 Feb 1899

At Westport, Louisa May Smith born 1 May 1900

At Westport, Alfred George Smith born 22 June 1901

At Westport, Dora Nicholls Smith born 30 Sept 1902

3. Alfred James Nicholls md Greta Marion O’Callaghan St Matthew’s, St Albans Chch  Feb 1901

  1. Gerald Alfred a son born Dean St, St Albans Chch 27 Apr 1902  [Died 23 Sep 1968 in Nelson, New Zealand.  He married Beatrice Maud Taylor]
  2. Lorna May a daughter —————– (ie ditto) 2 June 1904  [Died 10 May 1982 in Eastbourne, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. She married Walter Hubert Hewitt in 1938 in Lower Hutt, New Zealand]
  3. Frank Courtney a son —————– (ie ditto) 14 Aug 1906 died [Died on 16 Jun 1907 in St Albans, Christchurch, New Zealand of whooping cough].
  4. Eileen a daughter 9 Aug 1908.  [Died about 15 Jul 1998 in Wellington, New Zealand. She married Guy Richardson Powles on 20 Jan 1931 in Lower Hutt, New Zealand]

 * * *

Ethel Nicholls born 12 Nov 1877

Married Frank Leslie 4 Mar 1909

Phyllis Leslie born 16 Dec 1911

Aldyth Nicholls born 21 Aug 1885

Married Stanley Higgins 18 Mar 1909

Dorothy A. Higgins born 14 Nov 1909

* * *

Newspaper clipping:

NICHOLLS-O’CALLAGHAN – On 26th February 1901 at St Matthew’s, St Albans by the Rev. A. W. Averill, Alfred James Nichols, second son of Alfred Nicholls, Akaroa, to Greta Marion O’Callaghan, third daughter of the late Jasper Pyne O’Callaghan.

A 19th Century Scandal: Bigamy?

Updated 14 February 2013

Two of my gg-grandfathers were not living with their respective gg-grandmother when they predeceased their wives (see the other in D.I.V.O.R.C.E).  I like to think it’s because the wives wanted to be happy.  This is the story of the Rose Anne Maria Buxton and James Ebenezer Nicholls.

I’ve already mentioned that the discovery of my Gran’s family’s Bible got me first interested in my family tree.  It also hides one of the best family scandals.  Have a look and see if you can spot it.

When I was living in London, I worked for a while in Drury Lane.  This was really close to St Catherine’s House and Somerset House where, at the time, lots of genealogical records were held.  At lunchtime I would go and look up dead people.  I started out collecting certificates.

The ones for the Nicholls family were relatively easy as I had the Bible to give me names dates and places.  I started with my first English ancestor – my Gran’s father Alfred James Nicholls.  Filling in the form, for some reason, I put his father’s name Alfred in the section on the back.  When I turned up to collect the certificate, the response was “no, the details didn’t match”.  I was sure I had the right entry so I asked to get it anyway.

A few more days later I turned up again to get the certificate.  Imagine my shock when I discovered that Alfred James’ father was not Alfred, but James Ebenezer.  The name was familiar and the first thing I did when I got home that evening was pull out my family tree.  James Ebenezer was there – the younger brother of Alfred!  I should add that the mother was who I was expecting – Rose Anne Maria Buxton (please note there are a number of spelling variations on her name – the e’s and a’s are interchanged depending on the source – this is my variation).

The next day I went and looked at the marriage indexes.  The index reference in 1869 for James matched the one for Rose.  I ordered the certificate and it indeed confirmed that James and Rose had married on 7 June 1859 in Woolich, Kent.

I was perplexed.  What was going on?  There wasn’t really any chance of James being mistaken for Alfred – it wasn’t one of his middle names.  Unless something nefarious like identity fraud was involved.  It’s not that difficult today, and it was even easier back then!

The mystery had to stay on the back burner until I was in Christchurch in early 2000.  There, at the Canterbury Museum, I found some further information which had been submitted by my half cousin Ruth Gardner.  Further research has fleshed out the story a little, but only hints at what really happened.

Alfred was born to John Nicholls and Elizabeth Ludwell in Bermondsey, London in 1841.  Two sisters later, James Ebenezer was born in 1850.  Rose was born a few months before James in late 1849 in Middleton, Norfolk to Robert Buxton and Frances Maw.

Between 1853-57, Rose moves with her family to Woolwich in Kent.  Her father was a shipwright, so it was probably for work at the docks there.

In 1862, Alfred immigrated to Victoria, Australia where he was a teacher.  He is not known to have married there.

Back in London, in 1869 James and Rose married.  They proceeded to have three children – John Robert (1871 – 1917), Louisa Elizabeth (1873 – 1930) and Alfred James (1874 – 1949).  In October 1875, they arrived in Sydney, Australia on the Samuel Plimsoll as Assisted Immigrants.

Then it gets a bit sketchy.  The next fact we had for certain was that in November 1877, Rose gave birth to her fourth child, Ethel.  The father was Alfred and they were living in Akaroa, New Zealand.

What happened?????

The melodramatic gene kicked in (got it from my Aunt – no relation to this scandal).  Had James died, leaving Rose destitute with the only person she knew in the southern hemisphere Alfred?  Had James run off?  Had Rose and Alfred killed him?  Did he consent to his brother running off with his wife?  Or did they just disappear into the night?

James and his family had made it pretty quickly from NSW to Victoria.  There obviously weren’t any constraints on Assisted Immigrants to stay near their destination.  Perhaps they always intended to join Alfred in Victoria and the Samuel Plimsoll was the first ship out.

An amazingly detailed research piece on Alfred’s teaching career in Victoria describes him in October 1876 as having “serious domestic complications” and “leaving the country” (which the researcher thought surely meant district!).

Further research by my Melbourne cousins has filled in some of the blanks.  And the answer appears to be in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Archives have digitized their “ED2 – Applications for Teaching Positions and Associated Correspondence”.  Among the records is an application by Alfred to teach in Tasmania.  It’s dated 21 October, 1876 and his address is given as Hobart Town.  Page 3 of the records is a letter from Alfred giving further details, but as is noted on Page 2, none after 1871.

The remaining pages do not paint the best picture of Alfred (and Rose).  Page 4 is a letter from the Secretary of the Board of Education in Victoria alleging that Alfred left his last school there having embezzled some of the school’s funds.

And then there are the letters from James.

While it’s exciting to see his handwriting, the circumstances that produced it are very sad:

Northern Dairy
Madeline Street
November 16 1876

“Dear Sir,

I have just received a letter from the Education Department Melbourne to tell me that my brother Mr Alfred Nicholls has applied to your Board for employment.  I wish to inform you that he is not a fit person to instruct the young while he is leading the life he is, he has run away from the Dimboola State School 1372, he left it on the 12th of Oct/76 came down to Melbourne and took away my wife and three children.  They have robbed me of all they could lay hands on.  If you will be kind enough to comply with my request that is not to give him employment & if you have to dismiss him as my wife has a home to come to which she will be obliged to if he can not get employment.  They are of course living as man and wife.  This is not the first woman he has served like this for he was living with one for seven years and then left her in Sydney and now he has trapped I being a new chum only being out from home one year.

I think he ought to be kicked out of Hobart Town.  This statement is quite true.

I remain Sir
Your Obed Servt,
James Nicholls

To the Secretary
NB If you now his address please to send it to me. JN”

A second letter from James dated 29 November 1876 thanks the Tasmanian Secretary of the Education Dept for not employing his brother.

The next trace of Alfred (and therefore Rose and the children) is in Dunedin, New Zealand.

I’ve always been intrigued by their NZ dates.  There is a news item in the local Otago Daily Times 17 Jan 1877 saying he has been appointed to Mataura Bridge School and another in the Press, Christchurch has him appointed at Akaroa on Dec 22 1876.  (I am assuming there is only Alfred Nicholls which is supported by another article on Feb 20 1877 which has another person being appointed master at Mataura Bridge).  They possibly took the first job that came along – in a nice, rural, isolated spot!

Anyway, Rose and Alfred spent the rest of their lives together in Akaroa and later Christchurch, New Zealand.  The family bible lists 9 children, but only 6 were Alfred’s.  Alfred was father to his brother’s children too.  Their story – according to their daughter Aldyth’s birth certificate, is that they married on James and Rose’s wedding date but in Melbourne.  As they never married, strictly speaking there was no bigamy.

For more on Alfred and Rose, see my cousin Ruth’s blog.

So what happened to James?

We only have hints into what exactly happened between Rose, James and Alfred in 1875-6.  James died in 1924, outliving his brother by 7 years and predeceasing his wife by one.  He was still in Victoria and still legally married to Rose (there is no record of a divorce in Victoria).  [Thanks to the Helpful People on GenForum!]

According to his death certificate (which was completed by Walter Ernest Jensen his “authorised agent” who was present at his death), he had a wife he married in London, two sons and a daughter – details unknown – Rose and his children by her.  So he had never remarried (which would have been bigamous) nor had he had any further children.  I always wonder if he knew where his family went after Tasmania…?

James is buried in Fawkner Memorial Park in the same plot as Charles Edward Jensen who had died in 1919.  Charles was only 45 years old at his death, the son of Carl Jensen and Charlotte Blythe.  From the electoral roll I have found that James was living with Charles’ mother Charlotte and brother James Arthur from at least 1919. Both James’ were tanners.

Further research in Victoria by my Melbourne cousins has found that James had a long relationship with the Jensen family.  A number of their children had the middle name Nicholls and two sons were called Alfred.  As my cousin points out “it would seem James had no hang-ups about the name Alfred” !!!

I only have dates and places for James, so I have no idea what sort of a man he was.  He may have been the innocent party or the guilty one.  It is unlikely we will ever know – unless the Jensen family have passed down a story about him????

GG-Grandparents – Paternal Side

Updated: 30 March 2016

My father’s side is where the majority of the scandals are.  I suspect this is not because they were any more scandalous, but because they were more affluent and things got written down!

General note: children with a ‘+’ are known to have descendents, those with a ‘-‘ are known not to.  If there is neither, then I don’t know.

Please post a comment if you have further information or if there are any errors.  Child(ren) in caps are my ancestors.  Further posts with more information on each will follow in due course.


b. 30 Apr 1831 in Clapham, Surrey, England to Frederick Hewitt (1793-1883), son of John Hewitt and Clapham Brewery Owner , and Elizabeth Turner (1800-1874)

d. 15 Feb 1888 in Surbiton-hill, Surrey, England

m. 28 Aug 1861 in St Matthew’s Church, Brixton, London, England


b. c. May 1831 to Jonathan Muckleston Key (1806-1888) and Susanna Birch (1807-1872)

Mary’s uncle was the Other John Key

d. 28 Dec 1891 in Surbiton-hill, Surrey, England


+ Charles Augustus Hewitt


+ Walter Ernest Hewitt

+ Reginald Key Hewitt

+ Elsie Maud Hewitt

– Sophie Beatrice Hewitt

? Constance Ada Hewitt

– Kathleen Emily Hewitt

A Hewitt cousin has provided some photos of the Hewitt family and their Key connections.


b. 10 Jul 1838 in London, England to William Webb Venn (snr) (1810-1894) and Jane Wilson (c1807-1884)

d. 12 Apr 1896 in Greenwich, London, England

m. 07 Jan 1858 in St Mark’s, Clerkenwell, London, England

divorced 16 Nov 1869


b. 16 Jun 1837 in Tottenham, Middlesex, England to John Keeling (1796-1884) and Maria Howard (1800-1880)

d. 16 Sep 1915 in Axbridge, Somerset, England

m. (2) 1869 William Frederick Ebbs (c1836-1880) in New Zealand and had two further children Charles Frederick Ebbs (1870-1908) and Alice Emily Ebbs (1872-?)

(3) 1886 William Henry Phillips in Lancashire, England



+ William Eustace Venn

– Ethel Mary Venn


b. 17 Feb 1850 in Bermondsey, London, England to John Nicholls (1802-1890) and Elizabeth Ludwell (1803-1873)

d. 28 Feb 1924 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia

m. 07 Jun 1869 at Parish Church, Parish of Woolwich, Kent, England

abandoned by wife in late 1876 in Melbourne, Australia


b. 05 Oct 1849 in Middleton, Norfolk, England to Robert Buxton (1822-1884) and Frances Maw (or Man or Shaw???) (1823-aft 1881)

d. 20 Apr 1925 in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

immigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1875 on Samuel Plimsoll as assisted immigrants

Rose immigrated to NZ, via Tasmania, with her children and James’ brother Alfred – they never married (links to my half-cousin Ruth’s blog on this).  NZ records give the impression that all the children were Alfred’s.

Children of James and Rose:

+ John Robert Nicholls

+ Louisa Elizabeth Nicholls


Children of Alfred and Rose:

+ Ethel Nicholls

– Dora Nicholls

– Harold Nicholls

– Gareth Nicholls

+ Aldyth Nicholls

– Son Nicholls


b. 1839 in Fermoy, Ireland to Denis O’Callaghan (1787-1867) (see Burke’s Irish Landed Gentry for his lineage) and Sarah Pyne (1804-1881) daughter of Arthur Pyne

immigrated 1861 to Christchurch, NZ on the Chrysolite – Chief Cabin with brother Thomas Robert O’Callaghan

d. 20 Jun 1895 in Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand

m. 18 Apr 1872 in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand


b. 03 Feb 1853 in Lyttleton, Canterbury, New Zealand to Charles Baker (1806-11 – 1868) and Emma King (1810-1889) who came to NZ on the Duke of Bronte in 1851 – the 8th ship into Canterbury

d. 21 Nov 1932 in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand


– May O’Callaghan

– Dora Sarah O’Callaghan


+ Edith Emma O’Callaghan

+ Thomas Robert O’Callaghan

+ Jasper Warner O’Callaghan

– Gerald Charles O’Callaghan

– Gordon Harcourt O’Callaghan

+ William Bell O’Callaghan