Hewitt Family Photos

My new found cousin Olivia has kindly provided some photos of the Hewitt branch of the family to share with everyone.  There are three generations centering on my gg-grandfather Walter Augustus Hewitt: his parents, uncle and mother-in-law one of his brothers, a sister-in-law, Walter's wife and her sisters' families his children Unfortunately, there are no …

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Where’d the money go?

Updated: 10 January 2013 A large number of my recent ancestors were peasants, but many were upper-middle class/lower-upper class.  I think we've come out nicely in the middle - middle class.  So while the peasants have gone up in the world, we've obviously slipped on the rich side of the family! I've been brought up …

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GG-Grandparents – Paternal Side

Updated: 30 March 2016 My father's side is where the majority of the scandals are.  I suspect this is not because they were any more scandalous, but because they were more affluent and things got written down! General note: children with a '+' are known to have descendents, those with a '-' are known not …

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