Being Led a Merry Chase

I've been researching the family of my gg-grandmother Rose Anne Maria Buxton (Mrs James Ebenezer Nicholls, not Mrs Alfred Nicholls).  Her family originally came from Norfolk which is a really easy area to research for free.  Scans of most of the parish registers are available on Family Search and they're indexed pretty comprehensively on FreeReg. …

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Maw/Man/Shaw – Old Illegible Handwriting

Old handwriting has been the bane of my life for quite a while.  My Mum used to be summoned to read letters from my Great-Aunt - and she was quite legible!  If you ever look at old parish registers, sometimes you get lovely neat copperplate writing.  But often it's a style all it's own.  This …

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GG-Grandparents – Paternal Side

Updated: 30 March 2016 My father's side is where the majority of the scandals are.  I suspect this is not because they were any more scandalous, but because they were more affluent and things got written down! General note: children with a '+' are known to have descendents, those with a '-' are known not …

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