East Coast Hussars

[First published in the Genealogix of June 2016] My Scottish-born gg-grandfather Robert Johnston was no stranger to the militia.  He spent time working as a tailor in Shanghai.  When not racing horses, he was a member of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps.  He returned to Ireland in the late 1870s where he married Elizabeth Foster.  The …

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What if they were friends?

One aspect of our lives that rarely appears in our family trees are our friends.  Unless someone marries one, or the child of one, you really don't know much about your family's friends. My gg-grandparents Robert William Black and Emily Kinley Wilson are alleged to be cousins of some sort.  Unfortunately, due to the paucity …

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Upping Sticks: What happened to the Black children?

Updated: 2 January 2016 I recently spent time reading through my Grandad's notes on the Black family again.  I thought I might detail what happened to Robert and Rachel Black's children - both from Grandad and his second cousin Jane's research and what I've subsequently found out. Robert William (1848-1931) My gg-grandfather was sent back …

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