Upping Sticks: What happened to the Black children?

Updated: 2 January 2016 I recently spent time reading through my Grandad's notes on the Black family again.  I thought I might detail what happened to Robert and Rachel Black's children - both from Grandad and his second cousin Jane's research and what I've subsequently found out. Robert William (1848-1931) My gg-grandfather was sent back …

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The Hunt for Richard Black

Updated (a little bit): 12 July 2014 I should probably start this post by saying that the hunt continues, mainly because I've only just started it! In my Grandad's family tree notes is the story of his great-uncle Richard Black.  Richard Black was the youngest son of Robert Black and Rachel Greacen and was born …

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GG-Grandparents – Maternal Side

Updated: 30 March 2017 My mother, to put it bluntly, is descended from peasants.  Upwardly mobile peasants as they're the side that has come up, as opposed to my Dad's side that has gone down.  However, if you go back a few generations prior to their arrival here, her family is made up of the …

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