The American Connection

Updated: 19 December 2013 [A less current variation on this story appears in the October 2013 issue of the New Zealand Genealogist.  The theme of the issue was family taonga (Maori for treasure) and it features the bible I have inherited which belonged to Emily.  Scan.  Transcript.] I am 1/16th American.  My great-great grandmother Emily …

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Kinley Wilson Tree

My 3xgreat grandfather William E Wilson spent time in the USA having followed his brother John there.   Having made contact with John's descendents there is a tangled web of family as second and third cousins married each other. Here is the edited condensed version of the Kinley Wilson family tree - showing the links …

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GG-Grandparents – Maternal Side

Updated: 30 March 2017 My mother, to put it bluntly, is descended from peasants.  Upwardly mobile peasants as they're the side that has come up, as opposed to my Dad's side that has gone down.  However, if you go back a few generations prior to their arrival here, her family is made up of the …

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