Jasper Pyne O’Callaghan – Spanish Grandee

Updated: 8 May 2018 - update the dates! I should start by saying that 'Spanish Grandee' is a description of what Jasper looked like from GR MacDonald - "tall, lean and dark - had the look of a Spanish grandee" - not an indication of his personality or nationality!  And here he is! This photo …

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Myths & Legends: Viscounts Lifford

Updated: 6 November 2013 The Myth Our Hewitt family is descended from the Viscounts Lifford, whose family name is Hewitt. This one has been doing the rounds for more than a hundred years.  As I detailed in 'The Elusive John Hewitt', my Field cousin Henry Claylands Field wrote to William Hughes Field in 1897 that …

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Upping Sticks: The O’Callaghan siblings

Updated: 25 March 2013 I've already noted in a previous post the number of Arthur Pyne's grandchildren who immigrated to New Zealand.  This post is about my specific branch of his grandchildren - the O'Callaghan's.  See the Arthur Pyne grandchildren post for any photos I currently have. The Pyne's and O'Callaghan's are not your normal …

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