My name is Sarah and I live in Wellington, New Zealand.

I’ve been interested in my family tree since I was 11 and my Gran died.  Amongst her things was her father’s family Bible with her family listed back to 1800.  That got me started.

Doing an extended OE in the UK gave me an opportunity to find more.  Now back in New Zealand I use the internet and local resources like the Kilbirnie branch of the NZSG and the National Library to continue the search.

I have a general policy of trying not to name anyone living, so I’ll take this opportunity to thank all my extended family and new friends who have helped with my tree by providing new information and supporting the endless quest for more!

And I have a somewhat irritating tendency to update my posts when new information is provided, so the comments at the end might seem a little incongruous.  But it’s less irritating to you the reader and saves me being corrected multiple times!