Kinley Wilson Tree

My 3xgreat grandfather William E Wilson spent time in the USA having followed his brother John there.   Having made contact with John’s descendents there is a tangled web of family as second and third cousins married each other.

Here is the edited condensed version of the Kinley Wilson family tree – showing the links to the Coulter’s, Tener’s and Campbell’s.  It’s taken from my Family Tree programme so sorry for all those Caps!  The bolds are my ancestors.

More information on the Tener family can be found in the Tener Book.


JOHN KINLEY was born in 1750 in Drumgold, Dungannon, Ireland. He died in 1819 in Newry, Co Down, Ireland?. He married MARY CARR in 1783, daughter of JOHN CARR and SARAH CALDWELL. She was born in 1755 in Newry, Co Down, Ireland.

JOHN KINLEY and MARY CARR had the following children:

  1.  JOHN KINLEY (died young)
  2.  THOMAS KINLEY (c 1783/1791 –  1853). He married EMILY COULTER
    1. EMILY KINLEY was born in 1828 in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Ireland. She died on 17 Nov 1869 in Dundalk, Ireland. She married ROBERT HAMILTON on 22 Nov 1848 in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Ireland, son of Robert Hamilton and Anna Greer. He was born about 15 Sep 1823 in Omagh, Ireland. He died on 13 Jun 1879 in Duncree Rectory, Ireland.  Some of their children immigrated to Australia including Thomas Kinley Hamilton (1853-1917).
  3.  ANNE KINLEY.  She married JOHN WILSON (c 1772 – 13 Jan 1821)
    1. JOHN WILSON was born on 11 Aug 1801 in Ireland. He died before 1863 in Pennsylvania, USA. He married ALICIA CAMPBELL on 11 Mar 1834 in Ireland, daughter of Archibald Campbell and Ellen Carr. She was born on 04 Feb 1812 in Ireland.
    2. JAMES WILSON was born on 19 Sep 1803 and died on 10 Jun 1878 in Lecumpher County, Londonderry, Ireland. He married SARAH WEIR on 27 Mar 1830 in Cookstown, Co Tyrone, Ireland. She died about 1843 in Ireland.
    3. SARA ANN WILSON died 24 Oct 1860
    4. MARY WILSON died 8 Feb 1891
    5. HUGH WILSON died 6 Jun 1869
    6. THOMAS WILSON JP born 21 Mar 1811 and died 15 Apr 1901
    7. JANE WILSON died 29 Dec 1890
    8. MARGARET WILSON died 22 Jan 1897
    9. WILLIAM E WILSON was born before 1821 in Ireland. He died on 19 Mar 1859 in Lecumpher, Magherafelt, Londonderry, Ireland. He married MATILDA BUSHE WILSON on 20 Jan 1853 in St James Episcopal Church, Schuylkill Haven, PA, US.
  6.  SARAH KINLEY was born in 1774 and died in 1855 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She married ROBERT “ROBIN” TENER in 1800, son of Thomas Tener and Matilda Jebb. He was born in 1770 in Castlecaulfield, County Tyrone, Ireland. He died in 1857 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
    1. JOHN KINLEY TENER was born in 1802 in Armagh, Co Armagh, Ireland and died in 1879. He married (1) MARY FRANCES EVANS, daughter of George Evans and Margaret Harrison. She was born in 1799. She died in 1864. He married (2) MARY ANN GRANT. She was born in Dundee, Scotland.
    2. ISSAC WILLIAM TENER was born in 1808 and died in 1898 in California, USA. He married FRANCES MARGARET EVANS, daughter of George Evans and Margaret Harrison (and sister of his brother’s wife). She was born in 1809. She died in 1897.
    3. RICHARD TENER was born in 1806 and died in 1880 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He married MARY BROWN, daughter of Henry Brown and Jane Carr. She died in Scotland?.
    4. DAUGHTER TENER. She married MR GALBRAITH. He was born in Derry, Ireland.
    5. WILLIAM TENER died in 1833 (At sea).
    6. THOMAS TENER was born in 1809.
    7. ROBERT TENER died Dsp.
    8. HUGH TENER died Dsp.
    9. MATILDA TENER died Dsp.
    10. JAMES TENER died Dsp.



2 thoughts on “Kinley Wilson Tree

  1. David Lea

    Distant Cousin! I am engaged in a major project to update the Tener Blue Book, which has many links to the Wilson’s and Kinley’s. My link is via Sarah Kinley and Richard Tener, who had a daughter Matilda who married David Galbraith. His daughter Annie married Thomas Campbell Wilson in 1892. I would like to share notes with you!

    1. Hi David,
      You must be a cousin to Kara and Cheryl! We were in touch many moons ago with various other cousins using the Tener Blue Book. Sounds like quite a project!

      I’ll email you.

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