Upping Sticks: Overview

Being a Kiwi, I’m the descendent of immigrants. I vary between being a 5th generation and only a 2nd generation New Zealander.

Here are the numbers on who was born here in New Zealand:

GG-Grandparents – 1 out of 16 (6.25%) although 7 died in NZ and 1 in Australia

G-Grandparents – 3 out of 8 (37.5%)

Grandparents – 2 out of 4 (50%)

Parents – 2 out of 2 (100%)

If we look at my GG-Grandparents then we have the following nationalities:

England – 10

Scotland – 1

Ireland – 1

Ulster – 2

USA – 1

NZ – 1

So the long winded non-mathmatical point I am trying to make, is that they all had to get here somehow.  Some are quite simple stories – like my grandmother who shipped out in convoy during WWII – my grandfather received a telegram saying “the package has arrived” and surprised his flatmates with something like “This is my fiancee who just arrived from England.  Want to come to a wedding?”.  Others are much more complicated.

So I’m doing a series of posts on the ones I have found information about:

Baker (King) family from London, England

Black (Greacen) family from Northern Ireland

The Black Family on the Fiery Star

The Black Children

Johnston (Foster) from Scotland (Northern Ireland)

O’Callaghan siblings from Cork, Ireland


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