Houses my family doesn’t own anymore

Updated: 23 February 2012

This is a silly-ish post.  When doing your family tree, you always come across houses which your family lived in but no longer own.  This post provides links to some of those that my family have lived in.  I’ll add to them as I find links.

So in no particular order:

Castle Masters aka Carrignacurra, Cork, Ireland

Briefly the home of the Masters family, this Tower House has a long history as part of the O’Leary Clan’s holdings.  It passed to the Pyne family when Mary Masters inherited it and married Arthur Pyne.  When we visited in 2003 it was owned by some missing Pole, but you could have a look around if you found the right person to ask.  There’s a lovely view from the top.

Ballyvolane House, Cork, Ireland

Home of the Pyne family (who were another English import to Ireland).  In 1955 it was sold to the Green family who have done a wonderful job of preserving it and have turned it into a hotel.  The third generation of Green’s continues to run the hotel.  And it’s a lovely place to stay!

Blarney Castle, Cork, Ireland

Home of the Blarney Stone, the Castle was owned briefly in 1703 by Richard Pyne, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.  Worried that the MacCarthy’s would want their castle back, he sold it.  Sir Richard died without surviving heirs and his fortune passed to his sister Jane’s son Robert Wakeham Pyne – ancestors of the Pyne’s in New Zealand.

Oxted Place, Oxted, Surrey, England

Built by William Masters Pyne c.1825 as the rectory at Oxted.  Thanks to Tim for the Photo.

William was the son of Arthur Pyne and many of his children immigrated to New Zealand.  Another son was the infamous Jasper Douglas Masters Pyne.  Apart from being the rector at Oxted and his numerous children, the only information I’ve dug up about William is that he tried to dispossess his sister-in-law (and nieces) of Ballyvolane (above) when her husband, his brother Jasper Pyne died.  He didn’t succeed and she got life possession of that house.

South Street, Great Torrington, Devon, England

Whenever I google my ancester Giles Cawsey, all I ever find is his house.  Nice plasterwork!  It’s now owned by the Landmark Trust, so you can stay there too!

Point House, 18 West Grove, Blackheath, London, England

This house was owned by William Webb Venn in the second half of the 19th century.  You can see the current outside of this lovely house on Google Maps Streetview – the ivy has certainly grown!

Chesney Wold, Wellington, New Zealand

Famous as where Katherine Mansfield lived in the late 19th century.  My grandfather owned the house in the early 20th century with his first wife.  Then it was named Alderholt after the family home in Dorset, England.  It’s now the home of the Mexican Ambassador.


4 thoughts on “Houses my family doesn’t own anymore

  1. There is another house to add to the ones your family doesn’t own which is Oxted Place (which I now own part of). The house was built by William Masters Pyne circa 1825 and served as the Rectory for St Mary’s church in Oxted until 1900.

  2. Paul Cawsey

    I just read your note on the Cawsey House and wondered where Giles fits into your ancestry? I’m also (obviously) doing a family tree and would be very grateful for any additional information which you might have managed to glean on Giles or Margaret, since writing your note.
    Thanks, Paul

    1. Hi Paul,
      Giles Cawsey was my 7xgt-grandfather through his daughter Jane (1697-1769) who married William Webb. His granddaughter married a Venn. Their gt-granddaughter married a Hewitt and 3 generations later we get to me!

      As for the house, there is more information in “Great Torrington & District Through Time” by Julia and Anthony Barnes & Susan Scrutton which is on Google Books. I haven’t gotten any further back on Giles and Margaret, except knowing that she was Mrs Shopley when they married but I haven’t found Mr Shopley yet.

      The National Archives have reference to a case between Sir Thomas Berry and Giles Cawsey, John Cawsey and George Cawsey (Reference: C 5/141/11) which is on my list for my eventual trip to Kew! And I’ve found a burial and will for a Mrs Elizabeth Cawsey in Gt Torrington from December 1712 but haven’t been able to find proof of who she was married to (could be Giles’ wife or his mother?).

      Where do you fit in with Giles and Margaret? I haven’t traced their other children.

      Best wishes,

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