Welcome to the blog on my family – and possibly your family too!

After a number of years of collecting dead people into my family tree, I thought it might be time to start telling some of their stories.  My original intent was to publish the more scandalous stories of my ancestors, but I’m easily distracted so some of posts are on whatever comes to mind.

Start by having a look at a quick outline of my gg-grandparents, with their parents and children.  They’re split into paternal and maternal sides to make them a little shorter!  I’ve started writing up some of their stories which you’ll find linked on their names.

And if you find one you like, check back regularly.  I update the stories as I find new information or new relatives.

If you’re interested in blogging YOUR family tree, I’ve added the article I wrote for the NZ Genealogist magazine in 2012.  If you have other pointers you’d like to add, leave a comment!  And if you need more convincing here are Six Reasons to Blog about Your Ancestors and How can blogging help your family history? from Legacy.


Updated: 21 October 2016 – changed the format (yet again!) and added a lovely family photo.  My Gran Lorna is the cool one in the sunnies!

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Ruth

    Hello, I just wanted to ask if you knew any more about the old house in Oxted that was built by one of your family members. I only ask because my great aunt is living there now and I have fond memories of the place, my family has also lived there for many generations, well one part of the tangle of the family tree has, and I was wondering if our stories matched up, I have been told many different ones over the years and I am quite intrigued, I hope to hear from you soon, Ruth

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Oxted Place was owned by an uncle so I don’t have many details about it. Tim Beckett currently owns part of the house and has a website on it (http://www.oxtedplace.net/) which covers its history. You can contact him through the site to find out what further information he has. He’s very interested in the house’s history so probably has lots! And he would be very interested to hear what you know too!
      Best wishes,

      1. Ruth

        Hi Sarah, cool, I’ll definitely check that out, I know my family has sold off part of the house but my G.A still lives in a bit of it, her surname is Wettern, thank you for the quick reply, I’m all the more interested now, 😀 😀 Ruth

  2. Ruth

    Hi again, I just read through all the information and found I didn’t quite agree with quite a bit of it, but the stuff that was true was interesting, I showed my mother and she was very interested too, thank you, it was fun to learn a bit more, Ruth

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